who we are

Natasha Garcia is a young, dynamic CAM licensed manager that sees the opportunity to better serve South Florida's properties.

"As a forward thinking individual, I relish the opportunity to change what a management company should be. I strive to provide excellent service, uncomparable results and all within a budget that won't break the bank".

- Natasha Garcia, C.A.M., President

job opportunities

  • Calling all CAM'sLux is of the mindset that happy employees perform well. If you are a licensed CAM, assistant, engineer, housekeeper or maintenance personnel, please send us your resume. We are always looking to bring quality individuals on Board.
Our company provides health care, paid holidays, vacation and other perks for being part of a winning, growing team!

our story

2005 -

Founder and president begins her venture into property management.
This is the moment the spark began. Founder and president, Natasha Garcia became licensed and became part of several Community Association Manager continued education clubs. Focusing on luxury high rise condominiums, the bar was set for excellent customer service.

2006 -

The Lux philospohy is born.
In 2006, the predecessor to Lux Management was born, Lux Consulting Services. A full service real estate and management consulting firm gave the opportunity to see what was missing in the management market.

2007 -

The void becomes apparent.
Between mom and pop management companies and the big South Florida management titans, there is still a void. A management company that cares about the services offered and the satisfaction of their clients is a rare site in the property management realm.

2011 -

Lux Management comes to life.
Seeing the time to act, Lux Management comes to life. As the brain child of founder Natasha Garcia, a company that has been in the making for several years is finally presented and ready to take the management world by storm.